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Old No. 74, New No: 124, 3rd Floor, Sri Balaji Towers Chennai, IN
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About us Services

OriginServices is a part of Origin Techserve, which specializes in Integration of Information Technology, Audio Visual, Surveillance and Telecom Industries for various Corporates and Government Sectors across South India.

With over 30+ collaborative years of experience, Origin Techserve ( OTS) have been pioneering innovative design and implementation of major AV projects in India.

                                                                       Why OriginServices?


OriginServices leverages the OTS experience and expertise in providing the finest support and to provide the best after-sales Service to our customers.


Our reputation is defined by trust, integrity while achieving high quality and sustainable value. Our success since our inception means upholding professional standards, adhering to safe practices and regulations, and fulfilling ethical obligations while delivering high quality, and innovative work.


Our purpose is to help the pioneers of today’s digital world through state-of-the-art technology and futuristic business solution with the help of our carefully curated range of products to support your businesses in achieving high quality results for a long time.


Our range of products can be integrated with other various brands which provide ease of use in delivering customizable and innovative solutions.


We at OriginServices help our customers in delivering seamless service to our range of products with an exceptional customer service network, installation support and How-to tips/videos to achieve maximum potential.